Our hopes and dreams are that this starts off with mostly content we generate ourselves and evolves into content driven by Canadians from all over the country.

As the world’s societies separate and divide, we must be determined to keep Canada’s strong and united – even in our differences.

Every single citizen deserves and is entitled to know the truth of things when making decisions and in a world of direct publishing, absent or lax editorial standards, declining ethical boundaries in the behavior of public officials and a population overburdened with information, the truth can be hard to find and harder to know.

People from all dots on the socio-political spectrum deserve to have their voices heard and the rest of the people deserve to know whether those voices speak false or true. We have seen, in recent international history, entire societies upended by the malicious use of false information, Through repetition, strategic insertion, alteration and falsification malevolent entities have altered the course of politics in an unprecedented way. We must resist these endeavours in Canada – it is the most effective way to protect our democracy.

We believe that well informed people will choose well. We don’t intend to try and alter your choices, beliefs or politics in any way – we intend only to provide truthful oversight to the things people say to us and about us.

An “Oversite” Is …

An oversite can be conducted on a speech, a facebook post, a tweet, a radio show, a newspaper article, an interview, an appearance,  a website post, a digital news article. An oversite can be conducted on any information passed from any body to the Canadian public. An oversite is intended to make sure Canadians always  get the truth.

truth matters

An “oversite” – a modern spelling liberty of “oversight” and which means the same thing – is a neutral, faceted “fact check”. Not only is information itself checked for accuracy, the delivery and vocabulary is reviewed for known manipulative techniques. Both negative and positive information is reviewed.

Every oversite passes through many hands and is reviewed in a variety of ways before it is published. Our system ensures people from all  “sides” of the political arena participate in oversites, regardless of the source. The end result is a neutral-bias, fully reviewed (and fully cited, as necessary) oversite statement, complete with a detail rating.


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24 March 2017
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Sample article I am using for typography design and publishing standards. It's a bit of an ongoing canvas, actually.
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26 March 2017
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Outline for oversites on posts to Facebook.
Kellie Leitch | Facebook
25 March 2017
Kellie Leitch | Facebook
I proudly stood and voted against M-103. Unfortunately it passed on a whipped vote by the Liberal majority. I will continue to fight every step of the way as they try and make this anti-Canadian motion into legislation.

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